The Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) reminds members of the public about the service reactivation arrangements for deactivated pre-paid SIM (PPS) cards not having completed real-name registration before deadline.

With the full implementation of real-name registration for SIM cards on 24 February 2023, all PPS cards without completing real-name registration on or before 23 February 2023 can no longer be used. The mobile numbers of the suspended PPS cards will be retained temporarily.

Existing PPS card users, who would like to resume the service after missing the registration deadline, may complete registration via an electronic registration platform by following the instructions in the final SMS notification reminder sent out by their telecommunications service providers just before the registration deadline via the designated sender address "SIMREG", provided that their PPS cards are not yet expired and have remaining value. Users can also complete the relevant procedures by visiting the retail outlets of their telecommunications service providers or contacting them direct. Moreover, individual users can also visit 18 designated post offices for assistance to register PPS cards.

Depending on the number of such registrations, the telecommunications service providers will reactivate the service of the PPS cards concerned within a short period of time (not more than two days). Users may need to restart their mobile phones for reactivation of service.

For those existing PPS cards that are not activated but not yet expired, members of the public may activate the service by completing real-name registration when activating the cards.

All newly purchased SIM cards (including SIM service plans and PPS cards) will require real-name registration before activation. Existing SIM service plans users are not required to re-register with their telecommunications service providers unless they change to another service provider or subscribe to a new phone number.

For details of the real-name registration programme for SIM cards, members of the public may contact respective telecommunications service providers, visit OFCA’s website at or contact OFCA at 2961 6699.

Office of the Communications Authority
24 February 2023