Consumer Advice

In-building Coaxial Cable Distribution System (“IBCCDS”) is the antenna and coaxial cable system carrying broadcasting and telecommunications signals to the individual premises of buildings. Both off-air broadcast signals and cable TV signals can be conveyed by IBCCDS. In general, free TV, satellite TV, pay TV, radio broadcasting programmes, closed circuit TV signals and some broadband telecommunications services are conveyed by different channels of IBCCDS.

To better utilise the limited IBCCDS channels, IBCCDS owners should cautiously decide on the number and the exact IBCCDS channels to be used for the delivery of broadcasting and telecommunications services which reflect the preference of the residents of the buildings.

Service providers have to liaise direct and reach agreement with the IBCCDS owners on the use of IBCCDS channels in individual buildings.

IBCCDS owners should carefully consider the services offered and relevant requirements (e.g. additional facilities to be installed) before reaching any agreement with a service provider. Due consideration should be given to the wishes of the residents of the building.

As needs of residents may change in future, IBCCDS owners should retain flexibility for making possible changes. The owners should not lock themselves into lengthy agreements with a service provider on the use of their IBCCDS channels.