The mobile phone is an important communication tool in our daily life. It has become one of our personal properties which require safe custody. If it is lost, your SIM card in the mobile phone can be used by others to make local or overseas calls which will result in charges to your account. If roaming service is activated, the financial loss could be even greater.

If you have unfortunately lost your mobile phone and/or SIM card, you are strongly advised to report the loss to your mobile service provider as soon as possible no matter it was lost locally or overseas. Some of the service providers offer toll free numbers in places outside Hong Kong for their customers to contact them, and you are advised to check such information with your service providers when you travel abroad.

Some mobile service providers only accept reports of loss by the subscribers themselves. If the situation warrants, some service providers accept reports of loss by third parties but they have to provide their own personal identification as well as the subscribers' ID card numbers, user passwords, billing addresses or payment methods, etc. To avoid the hassle and as far as possible, it is advised that you report the loss by yourself.

Most mobile service providers suspend/disconnect service as soon as a report of loss is received from a subscriber, while a few may need some time (e.g. 30 minutes) to complete the process. According to the general practice of mobile service providers in Hong Kong, a subscriber will be liable for all the charges incurred in the usage of his/her mobile service until the service provider suspends/disconnects all the services associated with the lost mobile phone/SIM card. Hence, to avoid financial loss, you are reminded to contact your service provider immediately should you lose your mobile phone/SIM card.

A list of the contact numbers of some of the mobile service providers for reporting loss is provided below:

Mobile Service Provider Contact Telephone Number in Hong Kong for Reporting Loss
China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited 12580

Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited ("CSL Mobile Limited")

  • For "1010" customers:
  • For "csl." customers:
  • For prepaid customers:


  • 2888 1010
  • 2512 3123
  • 179 179
Hutchison Telephone Company Limited ("3") 3162 3333
SmarTone Mobile Communications Limited ("SmarTone") 2880 2688
263 Mobile Communications (HongKong) Limited 2682 1555
A. S. Watson Retail (HK) Limited (Business Name: “Fortress”) (“haha” and “ChaTime”) 2555 5788
Amoeba Limited 3188 2226
Birdie Mobile Limited 2155 3313
China-Hongkong Telecom Limited 3691 0198
China Mobile International Limited 3975 6662
China Telecom Global Limited 5749 9868
China Unicom (Hong Kong) Operations Limited 2122 1188
Future Power International Limited (“Happy Telecom”) 8120 8899
Global Call Limited 2915 1557
GTI (HK) Limited 3188 2503
Hongkong Joy Telecom Co., Limited 3163 7573
Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited 128 100
IMC Networks Limited 2881 1986
More Telecom (Hong Kong) Limited 2150 1512
Multibyte Info Technology Limited 2156 6888
O.F.W. Services Limited (“ValueGB”) 6010 8004
Shinetown Telecommunication Limited 8108 4008
Sim2travel (HK) Limited 6640 0112
SUN Mobile Limited 7388 7388
Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (HongKong) Limited 2890 1230

Important Note:

The above contact numbers are subject to change. You are advised to check up-to-date information with your mobile service provider.

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