Charging of Mobile Data Services

Mobile data services are generally charged according to data usage volume. For some monthly service plans, a fixed monthly data usage quota is usually included in the monthly service fee with additional charges levied on usage exceeding the quota. Other monthly service plans may allow you to continue using mobile data service after reaching the data limit but are usually subject to actual network conditions which possibly affect the data service experience of customer. Wi-Fi services may be bundled with mobile data service plans or available as add-on packages which are usually charged on a monthly flat rate basis.

Before subscribing to mobile data services, please make sure that you understand the charging schemes (for instances, whether there is any mobile data usage limit and whether there is any ceiling on charges), the relevant restrictions or charges attributable to any usage exceeding the data limit as well as the terms and conditions of the services. When using mobile data services overseas, irrespective of whether you are managing emails or using multimedia services, roaming charges are applicable.

Understand Contract Details

Before signing a service contract, you should -

Fair Usage Policy

In addition, mobile operators generally implement the "Fair Usage Policy" ("FUP") to ensure that each customer can use mobile data services under fair and reasonable circumstances without affecting other users and to safeguard the stability and safety of networks. Details of the FUP formulated by local mobile operators vary from operator to operator. But generally speaking, additional charges, limitations on upload and download speeds in accessing the networks, or even suspension of mobile data services will be imposed by mobile operators on users under certain circumstances (such as when the monthly data usage is in excess of a specified limit; or the mobile data subscription is used for peer-to-peer file sharing, etc.). For example, an individual mobile operator may impose a monthly mobile data usage limit on customers. If a customer’s mobile data usage exceeds the limit, the upload and download speed of the service will be substantially decreased.

In order to enhance transparency of service information and facilitate consumers to make smart service choices, the Communications Authority has issued the FUP Guidelines setting out guiding principles for mobile operators on how they may implement their FUP.

In choosing mobile data service plans, consumers are also advised to –

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